It is possible to claim vat back after vat registration

If you operate a trading business in the UK or any other EU country and have imported services or goods that has already paid vat in the country of origin you’ll be able to claim vat back after vat registration. However, you should study many different rules required for vat refund before you decide to stake your claim for a vat reclaim.

Although tourists and certain other individuals can claim VAT or vat when they return back to their own country simply by showing the initial vat invoice displaying the vat rate and vat amount, businesses need to furnish many more details before they can be eligible for a a refund. If you too have imported services or goods originating from a member EU country to the UK and also have already paid vat in the country then to prevent double taxation and reduce your costs, you ought to surely apply for a vat refund. Even though you might not be able to directly deduct the vat amount as part of your next vat return, you may surely claim vat back from the country of origin provided you follow their vat rules.

If you’re not vat registered then you can use the vat online services provided by HM customs and excise customs vat or go to the hmrc vat website to register your organization first. If you’re not internet savvy or have trouble in comprehending vat rules then it could well be better to appoint a vat agent that delivers all vat services including applying for refunds and handling vat returns. You can now authorize your vat agent to submit your vat claims on your behalf. You can also appoint different vat agents in several countries and register them separately, especially if you import goods and services from different countries.

You should ensure that you retain all original documents of vat paid within the original country before you can claim vat back. You should fill up the vat form for vat reclaim before 9 months within the next calendar year after you have paid the initial vat amount so that you can be eligible for a a vat refund. However, this time period varies in various countries. You need to to climb over language barriers between various EU countries while submitting your tax documents. For example, Poland stipulates that you attach the faktura vat or tax invoice which is coded in Polish language before it’s sent for any reclaim. When this happens, a local vat agent will be in a very stronger position to comprehend the precise laws of each country.

Once you have submitted all relevant documents to assert vat back, then you should get the vat refund in the designated time period specified by the specific country. In great britan the timeframe is usually around 4 months if your claim is processed and approved without the need for additional proof. You can receive your vat refund in any EU country that you desire or even in britain provided you have a valid banking account within the desired country. However, remember that to submit proper documentation since any rejected vat claim will most likely be looked with suspicion and handled strictly by the concerned vat authorities of the country.

If your business requires goods or services which have already paid vat in the country of origin before reaching the shores of your country where you have to pay vat again, then you can claim back the extra vat paid on them. A vat agent that is well versed in international and national vat rules will be able to guide you towards claiming vat back without difficulty. If you have just started trading internationally you’ll be able to claim vat back after vat registration and lower your costs to some great extent.