Pack your column packing problems away by using intalox packing

If your heating, distilling, absorption, regeneration, or other form of tower or column doesn’t perform to perfection in rewarding you with higher and purer yields then you can definitely truly wrap up your column packing troubles away by using intalox packing. This innovative column packing can easily boost your liquid vapor distribution process and ensure that just the appropriate chemicals exit out into the designated vessels.

The brand name Intalox is registered to Kosh-Glitsch LP situated in USA and several other countries worldwide. This company provides a variety of equipment for towers and columns including trays, random and structured packing, column internals, and many other innovative products. The company offers various kinds of packing under their intalox range such as their intalox ultra packing that is a metal packing in a very unique twisted shape that offers the minimum pressure drop against the maximum stripping, absorption, and distilling efficiency. This random packing also offers higher strength to weight ratio.

One more innovative intalox packing is definitely the IMTP high performance packing that is made in stainless-steel and again offers excellent strength to weight ratio, thus making it suitable for packing in beds even if they are 50 feet deep. This packing also ensures low pressure drops that will ensure high savings in energy. Another ingenious product is the intalox hy-pak metal packing that is created in a cylindrical shape and provides excellent services in the course of scrubbing, absorption and stripping. Numerous ribs within each packing provides substantial mechanical strength and this packing too translates into low pressure drops. Another product which is similar in shape is the flexiring metal packing that can easily substitute pall rings inside your column or tower in a very affordable manner. This kind of packing has low sensitivity to vapor as well as liquid distribution, which in turn helps it be ideal for use with conventional liquid distributors.

Because each intalox packing made by Kosh-Glitsch has truly proven its mettle during the years, several other manufacturers too are actually offering various forms of packing including saddles, rings, etc under the intalox name. They also offer such packing in a variety of materials such as various kinds of plastics, metals, and ceramics. Nevertheless, you will need to separate the very first user of this trademark from look-alikes to enable you to get a packing which has been made by Kosh-Glitsch. You can surely use the internet to teach yourself on the wide range of products made by this innovative company and then select a packing that is suitable for your specific needs. Whether you belong to the chemical, petrochemical, water filtration, or natural gas industry, amongst others, you’ll certainly find an intalox product that can certainly enhance the efficiency within your tower or column in a truly economical manner.

If your production process demands you to run a distillation, absorption, stripping, heating, or regeneration tower or column then you surely need column packing that can improve your yield in a completely safe and energy efficient manner. You can definitely wrap up your column packing troubles out with intalox packing provided you make certain that you buy your packing from Kosh-Glitsch that holds all the trademarks for every single innovative packing.