Why does a vintage whisky bottle possess collector value

We often wonder if perhaps a vintage whisky bottle lying around is actually of virtually any worth. It ought to be gratifying to learn that if the actual bottle of whiskey is sealed and also unopened then the spirit is actually secure. We can state therefore with utmost confidence as there are many times when bottles of very old whiskies tend to be brought out intended for sales.

Most of the time it is value of the whisky bottle which you want to know. Just how much can an old bottle fetch? Could it be worth putting it out for sale? The answer to many of these queries lies largely on the kind of whiskey and also the age that’s stated on the bottle and exactly how old the whisky really is. The age of the whisky is really the actual barrel age which usually determines the duration for which the whisky had been left to mature in the barrel.

An excellent unopened bottle of premium whisky can fetch considerable amounts. A good example of this will be a bottle of Glenavon whisky from the year 1851 fetched nearly USD$29, 000. It may safely be stated that bottles which will attract probably the most interest and interest will be the kinds which are from the pre prohibition period and even bottles which are not under production any longer.

It is important to realize that once a whisky is bottled after maturing inside a barrel it no longer continues to age. Technically speaking, there can be very minor number of changes that might be ongoing with the spirit. However they’re all dependant on the type of exposure that the bottle of unopened whisky may be getting. In case, for example, a bottle of whisky is exposed to a lot of light over an extended period of time then that bottle of whisky is likely to experience some www.wineryyeast.com changes. But since whisky is a high proof spirit it’s much less likely to experience much change. This is a lot unlike wine. Wines tends to get older because of its inherent chemical character. Because of the presence of tannin and acids from the grapes, a wine normally has a tendency to calm over time due to the oxidation process.

The reason why whiskies do not change a lot even with some amount of exposure happens because they have been distilled at very high temperature ranges and therefore become almost heat proof. As long as the temperatures remain ambient and the bottle remains unopened the smoothness of the whisky will not transform. Also the ethanol molecule in the whisky is extremely strong as this spirit has a high proof, the water is often a stable compound and ageable substances in spirits such as whiskies are few.

One more thing that an old whisky bottle might have is a high collector value. While speaking of whisky, a single malt Scotch will most likely rank higher in the collectors’ value. Pre prohibition bottles will certainly fetch an excellent value because they are extremely uncommon to look for. Along with aged Scotch whiskies, pre prohibition Bourbons is also very sought after. A classic bourbon such as Old Taylor Whisky might fetch a very good value.